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Holy Week!

2013-03-27 01:41:57 by koblaster12345

It's Holy Week but I'm not going anywhere :(


2009-10-08 09:39:15 by koblaster12345

Just logged in 2day to see whats new



2009-10-03 03:28:23 by koblaster12345

logging off until tommorow

Playing Runescape...

2009-10-03 01:18:09 by koblaster12345

Yeah... thats all.. yeah... anyways yeah... lol... RUNESCAPE ROCKS
Anyways, just wanna tell you hi to all people that i'm awak.. SPAMERS ARE NOT WELCOME TO MY PROFILE O_O

Gonna sleep

2009-10-02 10:32:07 by koblaster12345

Oh well, i'm gonna sleep now, its 10:32 here so BYE!!


2009-10-01 23:58:42 by koblaster12345

A "Super Typhoon" will hit out country and our country is still recovering from the typhoon last week.

Nothing to do =|

2009-10-01 19:55:20 by koblaster12345

Once again, i am hit with a day without things to do. NOTHING TO DO!!

I made this account 2day

2009-10-01 09:30:48 by koblaster12345

Yeah... i made this post when i made my account so nothing speacial about it... BYE